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Friday, April 20, 2012

Collection Tip – Always Give the Debtor Time to Backpedal

If you ever end up in a situation where the call has escalated past the point of negotiating the debt into proceeding with action, reporting the debt to the credit bureau, or cancelling service, end the call with an opportunity for the customer to recant their position.

Rather than saying:

“Mr. Jones, as you have refused to take care of this debt, you leave me no choice but to report your outstanding balance to the credit bureau – good day!”

Try saying:

“Well Frank, it’s unfortunate, but I’m afraid since we can’t resolve your account, we have to report this to the credit bureau, where it will remain for a period of six years.  Do you have any questions at this point?  Very well, I’ll leave you my telephone number to reach me when you are denied credit in the future.”

If you are a fellow credit and collections industry colleague and want to discuss collection techniques, or are a client who want to discuss our approach to collecting debt, which we refer to as the APPRAISE process, feel free to give us a call.

Blair Wettlaufer
Kingston Data and Credit
Cambridge, Ontario

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