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Saturday, October 17, 2020

All The Coffee You Can Choke Down (And Other Perks)

Every morning your employee rushes into the office balancing their belongings and a cup of coffee. Likely they anxiously watched the clock while they waited in line to get that morning cup of joe. Now they are rushing into the office to work for you.

It’s ridiculous that you are making your employees stop and pay for that cup of coffee each morning. I mean, come on! One cup of coffee or even unlimited coffee. You can provide that for your employees. That’s a no brainer. You may think it doesn’t make that much of a difference. Or does it?
You are important and valuable, right? Of course, you are! Guess what? Your employees are valuable too! That’s right. They aren’t just people who handle your phone calls, paperwork and take out the trash. You need them to run your business! It is important you make them comfortable and feel valued.

A cup of coffee. That goes a long way to increasing employee morale. So they don’t like coffee? No problem. Tea, soda, bottles of water, specialty drinks. You can bring any and all of that in!

Why is this important? Because it all speaks volumes about the value they have and makes your employees comfortable. And guess what? Valued and comfortable employees work hard. They help you grow your business. That cup of coffee - or any other perk - may truly make the difference in their attitude, perspective and drive to do their job for you.

Now not all employees aren’t used to this! We had a new employee join us in our Gatineau branch who was shocked. SHOCKED! That they can have whatever they want at our company. We aren’t just talking about free coffee. We are talking about free snack bar items right there for them to have whenever they want, free of charge.

But we don’t stop there, and you shouldn’t either! The perks you offer can and should go beyond coffee, free lunches and free snacks. How about looking at your office chairs? Would you want to sit in the chairs you make your employees use? That ergonomic keyboard you use, your employees should have them too! How about a standing or lifting desk? All the cool executives have them now. Why not your employees too?

All of these are no brainers. Look at the working conditions of your employees. If you wouldn’t work in that environment, why should they? Instead, fix it! Show them they are valued beyond just completing their tasks. They are people!

This isn’t a new concept. Google and HubSpot both have policies on what they offer their employees. I mean they go way beyond coffee and chairs and desks. On-site physicians, gaming systems and gardens are just some of the perks at GoogleHubSpot offers sabbaticals and even freezing of eggs for some of its female employees.

Does it mean you have to add every perk in at once? That's not realistic for every company -- we can't all be Google. But consider increasing your employee perks starting now. Not sure where to start? Listen to your team members. Pay attention to what they are bringing in, rushing to do or working with. And then surprise them!

Surprise your employees with free coffee, a free lunch, a new chair, a pension plan, an education fund, increased health benefits, any new perk. Because it isn’t about the perk itself. It is about investing in the morale and happiness of your employees. That is just a small fraction of your overhead. A very small fraction. One you won’t regret!

Now go surprise your employees! And reach out if you have any questions about perks, credit management or debt collection.

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