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Friday, September 15, 2017

Thank You

Hey folks – our company won an award today!  We attend the Anytime Fitness national conference every year because we are their preferred collection agency vendor for Canada and the US, and every year the franchisees get together to share success stories and the people’s choice award is given to a select number of vendors.

I’m humbled and surprised we won it after being one of their preferred vendors for only three years.

That being said, we could not have done this without the hard work of our team – everyone at our company has had a hand in helping grow with Anytime Fitness, but this seems like a good time to thank the folks who dedicate the majority of their time to working with Anytime Fitness.

Cheryl Fraser was the first collector we had on Anytime Fitness, and if she hadn’t done an amazing job and impressed the first few clubs that came on, we would never be where we are now.  Thank you for the years of hard work, and being instrumental in our growth.

Meaghan Myshrall, for not only being one of the first collectors for Anytime Fitness, but being willing to tackle the client support and help build our clubs assigning to us, becoming project manager of the Anytime Fitness program.  While you are away on maternity leave right now, you are certainly missed – you broke the ice with everyone at the first Anytime Fitness conference in Arizona, and we are looking forward to having you back.

Pat Ladkin, who has worked all the uncooperative accounts that refused to pay us up front, you have been stellar in turning disputes into payments, and continue to amaze club owners collecting on accounts 1 year old, 2 years old, or even older.  Thank you.

Kim Hastings, who has solved club owner issues, collected for a number of members, and helped set up the Anytime Fitness support team, thank you.

Jenn Robb, who joined the Anytime Fitness support team, relocated to our Sarnia branch, and trained the folks there on US collections – thank you.

Melissa Tansley, who has just returned from a maternity leave and is already doing a phenomenal job once again for our club members – we are very glad to have you back, you were certainly missed!

Rick Cowie for being our first full-time Outreach Manager, and helping with all the emails and calls bombarding us – your years of experience in sales and marketing, and working with other fitness brands has definitely helped us build our support team, and your leadership is very much appreciated.

Jill Voss, our Technical Support Manager – IT folks don’t get thanked often enough, but you take our assignment files which grow every month, and become more complex as additional clubs sign on, and you smoothly turn them into workable files on our database.  You also upload the files to the credit bureau twice a month, which impacts on the job the collectors do.  Thank you.

Kaitlyn Buckley – Your abilities as a collector have shone from the moment you started a year ago, and we’re very proud to have you on the team.

Alex Wettlaufer – You work with the smaller balance accounts and the client payment reports every day, and your contribution is valued.  Thank you.

Michael Hillier – You are a newer addition to our team, but I’ve seen you diffuse some escalated conflicts, and maintain a calm cool professional manner, and it is appreciated in addition to the recoveries you do for us.

Amanda Lee – You are new to our team as well, but we can see you are tackling this program with enthusiasm, and learning from the experienced folks around you.  Thank you.

Romeo Louis – You are soft spoken and diligent, and have taken over our credit bureau disputes and investigation, and we appreciate that.

And Desiree Kern, our newest addition to the Anytime Fitness team, for stepping in when Meaghan went on maternity leave, flying out to Minnesota for the vendor training, and now attending the conference in California, you get the culture we are working with, and you are a great communicator with club owners, ABC Financial, and our internal team.  I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do, even if you made a cardboard stand up of me to attend the conference.

I am thrilled we can work with a company that is as ethical and fun as Anytime Fitness.   Up until dealing with them, I’ve never been hugged by a client before, or worked with a company that has a superhero mascot.  The folks at head office in Minnesota have answered all our questions, and challenged the way we do things.  I have never met more personable and enthusiastic corporate owners, who had time to talk to everyone, and actually stop and ask the right questions.  I am incredibly happy that Brian Bazely of Anytime Fitness took the time to talk to me at the end of a local Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and get this whole ball of wax rolling, and that our team could meet his expectations.

Thank you.

Blair DeMarco-Wettlaufer
KINGSTON Data & Credit
Cambridge, Ontario